Beezle Premium Cannabis Concentrates

Situated in the heart of Sonoma County, Beezle Brands is a cannabis company producing a full line of concentrate products for the medical and adult use markets. We take pride in supporting our community and working with local farmers to source the greatest cannabis from all around Northern California. Our job is simply to bottle the essence of these incredible plants and deliver it to the people.

Beezle Sauce Cartridges

The Beezle Sauce line features THC distillate enriched with our high terpene full spectrum extract.

  • Responsibly sourced
  • Lab tested
  • Potent and pure
  • No PG/VG
  • Works with a standard 5 10 thread push-button battery



Beezle Live Resin Sauce & Distillate Blend

The Hanu Stone is a beautiful, intuitive and discreet pre-filled pod-based portable vaporizer system that merges the absolute best in device technology with elegant, human-centered design. Our premium Beezle concentrate pods for the Hanu Stone are a mixture of our full-spectrum, live resin sauce and our house-made distillate. They are designed to provide a taste and experience that is always true to the strain. We only put cannabis-derived oil into our pods. No additives. Ever.

Beezle Live Resin Concentrates

Beezle Cured Resin Concentrates

Where to find Beezle Extracts

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      15x Award Winning Brand

      Some of our recent awards include:

      2016 Chalice Festival 1st Place Edible

      Strawberry Mochi

      2017 Chalice Festival 1st Place Indica Concentrate

      Banana Pie Live Resin (@thehiveca collab)

      2018 Cannabis Cup So Cal

      1st place Sativa Concentrate Forbidden Fruit Live Resin (@atrium_ca collab)

      2018 Cannabis Cup So Cal

      2nd Place Hybrid Concentrate Mimosa Live Resin (@atrium_ca collab)

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