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Situated in the heart of Sonoma County, Beezle Brands is a cannabis company producing a full line of concentrate products for the medical and adult use markets. We take pride in supporting our community and working with local farmers to source the greatest cannabis from all around Northern California. Our job is simply to bottle the essence of these incredible plants and deliver it to the people.

The Beezle Sauce line features THC distillate enriched with our high terpene full spectrum extract.

  • Responsibly sourced
  • Lab tested
  • Potent and pure
  • No PG/VG
  • Works with a standard 5 10 thread push-button battery

Beezle Extracts

Live Resin Sauce
Beezle Live Resin Sauce More
Live Resin Budder, Batter, and Sugar

Beezle Live Resin Sugar

Cured Resin Shatter

Beezle Cured Resin Shatter

Cured Resin Batter and Budder

Beezle Cured Resin Budder

Beezle Black Label

The newest product line in the Beezle arsenal, Black Label jars are specially-selected, strain specific combinations of gorgeous faceted THCA crystals bathed in a terpene rich sauce. These concentrates are a full-spectrum representation of unique, exotic cultivars from a few select Northern California growers whose product we truly love. The Beezle Black Label line was designed to represent everything you crave in a meticulously crafted cannabis experience.

Beezle Black Label Sauce

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