You have questions? We can Beezle that.

Product Availability

Q: Where can I get your products?
A: Beezle products are currently only available for purchase in the state of California at licensed dispensaries by those who are over 21 or have a California medical recommendation to use cannabis.
Q: Do you deliver or ship your products?
A: Our products are available for delivery on Eaze to California residents in certain areas of the state, including much of the Bay Area. Cannabis products cannot be shipped, nor can they be taken out of the state in which they were purchased. We can ship you some Beezle merchandise anywhere in the world though!
Q: Do you announce drops of new product?
A: Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@Team_Beezle) for the most up-to-date info about the hottest drops at our partner retail outlets. We will also announce any new flavors and products there as well!
Q: Can I buy Beezle at events?
A: We do many pop-up events at dispensaries around the state, but you of course need to meet the requirements to purchase there in order to get our products at the pop-ups. With the new regulations in California, licensed companies such as ourselves can only vend at events which are state-approved and licensed themselves. At this point, we are only aware of one event that fits the bill in that regard, so stay tuned for updates!

Beezle Products

Q: What makes Beezle live sauce/budder different from cured sauce/budder/resin?
A: The big difference between live products and cured products is the amount and type of terpenes present in the final extract. Because live plants are so full of essential oils, many of which evaporate and are lost during the drying and curing process, freezing and extracting them when they are at their aromatic peak gives a more terpene rich extract.

If you’ve ever been inside a cannabis grow room and had the pleasure of smelling a living plant, you know that it’s a whole different ballgame than smelling even the most aromatic dried flowers… this is what we try to capture with our live resin line of products. Now that’s not to say that cured product is not aromatic, it’s simply different.

To draw a comparison to our winemaking neighbors in the Sonoma region, a barely-aged Beaujolais nouveau wine has its own set of good qualities and that doesn’t reflect on a 30-year aged Merlot — simply put, it’s a matter of taste! In lab testing, live products do carry a higher concentration of terpenes, but terpene content is not the end-all be-all of flavor; more important than the sheer amount is the balance and the ratio of terpenes as they interplay with one another.

That was a longwinded way of saying: pick a strain and try both the live and dry version and draw your own conclusions! Many of our partner dispensaries offer both versions on their shelves at the same time.

Q: What differentiates your pens from other pens on the market?
A: Beezle Sauce Pens are made using the tastiest part of our live resin, just the high terpene portion of the “sauce” created during the process. By utilizing the natural flavors present in the amazing cannabis plants that we cultivate ourselves or with our partners, we can promise a naturally delicious pen with a smooth hit and strong effect.

To ensure a reliable product that is also sufficiently potent, we blend the HT portion of our live resin (generally tests around 50% THCA) with incredibly potent distillate (which generally tests around 95% THC) to create the perfect blend that flows smoothly in the pen and delivers a consistent flavor and effect every time. Unlike many other pens on the market, ours contains ZERO cutting agents such as non-cannabis terpenes, MCT oil, or propylene glycol/polyethylene glycol.

Q: Do your pens work with my battery?
A: Though our sauce pens fit onto any standard 510-thread battery, we do recommend using a battery with a clickable button, as it functions the best with our cartridges. A battery that has a preheating function is even better!